Cats are very economical pets, not only because their foods don’t cost much but also because they can always fend for themselves. Your neighbor’s spoilt meat can be your cat’s breakfast, while other meals can be just some random god-forsaken food down the street.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Nevertheless, cats don’t eat all foods. As pets’ lover, you must know what to give your pets and what to distant from them.

This reminds me of the movie I saw lately. It’s exactly 2 weeks now that I saw the movie. It was the first movie I was going to see on my newly purchased MacBook Pro 2017, hence, the rave kept me attentive to every minute details of the movie. Many people who have seen the movie probably didn’t get the message about what to give your cats or dogs and what not to give it. The movie was “College Road Trip.”

In there in the movie, the pig belonged to Trey. Some dumped caffeine was lying fallow there in the waste bin, and in no time, the nasty pig took it in. Interestingly, few moments after the intake, the pig ran mad. So, first lesson, never feed your pets with anything containing caffeine. It increases the concentration & cool-headedness but when taken in too much proportion, like say 200ml? It runs mad!

Also, garlic & onions too. Garlic & onions are good source of protein but when pets like cats, dogs, etc. take it in, it causes hemolysis in them.

Finally, no matter the temptation to make your pets more active, never give your cats alcohol. It just makes it act crazy just same way caffeine does. In fact, most times, alcohol, especially more than 12% alcoholic content are wild and can’t be compared to any ml of caffeine. Protect your Cat!

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